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This place is nuts. It's tiny, it's BYOB, and I had the hottest vindaloo this side of Vindaloo. A group of us came in and were split into two tables, and it was totally fine. We ran across the street to a convenient store and picked up beer and wine - the waiters put it in the fridge for us, too.

When your food is served you have 30 seconds to try yours and if you don't like it they'll take it back - or make you give it to someone else. It's quite funny, they really do give you quite an experience when placing your order.

Fantastic Indian food! I had the best indian rice I've ever had, very good main dish that is one of their specialties, quite spicy and flavorful. The na'an was phenomenal. And how do you beat bring your on alcohol? Friendly service as well. ....

This place is definitely worth checking out. I ate dinner here three times during my recent 8-day trip to London. The owner is also the head chef, and would come out to serve our table, asking us to try each sauce to make sure it had the right level of spice. You can tell he really cares about the quality of the food and your experience. We had a local Indian Londoner eat there with us, and he said that "the food is very good for the price", but as an Indian food fan from Seattle, I can say that this place blows away anything offered where I live. The dishes have a much more complex and powerful flavor, and the meat was always cooked to the right amount of tenderness.

  • Food - Excellent
  • Service - Great
  • Restaurant - Quality
  • Cost - Reasonable

This place is FANTASTIC - very reasonably priced, very authentic, and they will customise the spiciness of things for your taste. They're very eager to help you find new dishes (and not just order tikka masala...), very helpful and nice staff. And BYOB! Who could ask for more?...

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    Trevor BROOKES - Reply

    January 06, 2011

    Although further afield in London there are some very world class Indian restaurants we shouldn't ignore how good local ones can be. Spices is very much one of the best ones in Islington. It's the kind of place where you can book a fun curry night with your friends and rock up with plastic bags full of booze.

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      Overall Excellent
      But don't think... "yeah, yeah, bhuna and vindaloo" - because Spices have a great menu of real Bangladeshi curries that you may not have tried before. Interesting and exotic Bangla cuisine like the Naga Curry that I went for. There really were Naga chillies cooked in, giving a very hot smoky taste that I'd never get at one of the usual curry houses with their tikkas and dupiazas.

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    Overall Excellent
    I went to Spices last night with three other people on a friend's recommendation. I owe that man a pint. I've walked past this place many times and it never one occurred to me to actually step inside. Now I stand corrected.

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    A Google User - Reply

    April 04, 2013

    Spices masters what is says on the tin - spice. And not "this dish is so hot it will blow your mouth off of your face" (unless that's what you want). No, the chefs incorporate about 30-40 herbs and spices in each dish. Every bite leaves you finding another flavour so that you want to yell them out like a spice bingo caller. "I've got lemon zest! Cumin! Anyone else getting floral here?"

    The Mix Tok Jal Ju is enough reason to go running back. The lamb ada left us drooling. My chicken malai was even more amazing when kicked up with a side of Spices Special Hot Bengali Chilli Pickle. The shatkora wasn't bad but less memorable than the other dishes. The prawn pasanda was a bit disappointing, but we didn't hold Spices responsible. We discussed what flavours we liked and one of the people at the table mentioned that there's a spice he reacts badly to, but doesn't know what it is. For this reason the pasanda was toned down and less nuanced than the other dishes. Instead it was a coconut punch to the taste buds.

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