Spices N1

Welcome to Spices, spices restaurant in Islington Chapel Market serves extremely high quality Indian and Bangladeshi dishes to eat in or take away complete with delivery service

When anyone ever says, "I fancy an Indian", chances are good we end up at Spices on Chapel Market!
I discovered this little nondescript gem a year ago when a friend ordered delivery from there. Not only were the curries incredibly fragrant, the prices were so affordable!

When you met the manager
he's the only one who takes the orders, in person or over the phone), he will ask you, "what taste do you want in your mouth?" Forget the tikka masals, or kormas, he will guide you on a savoury journey
to find your perfect meal. He will encourage you, and check, everyone else around you, to taste your sauces when they arrive and if you don't like it, you can send it back. We have never once sent back a recommendation. Instead, we keep going back for it! I have now tried something different everytime and can never decide which I like best.

A lot of locals know about Spices, which is a testament to how inviting the place is. The fact that it's BYOB makes it even more affordable. The place has a great atmosphere on Friday and Saturday nights, as most times it's groups of friends having fun over a great meal.

Try the mita jal saag ... so delicious, although I'm sure the manager will find you something to your
own taste!